Monday, March 4, 2013

A few Benefits of Natural Pregnancy and Child Birth

Pregnancy and birth are natural parts of a woman’s life, and her body is well built for such experiences. Natural pregnancy and childbirth is the idea of taking care of the mother’s body in a way that is most mindful of both mother and child. This includes diet, exercise and knowledge of the body’s instinctive preparations for a baby. With the help of a midwife and the proper care, unnecessary medical intervention can be avoided. Several advantages of natural childbirth are that the birth and coping mechanisms are non-invasive, there is no loss of sensation or alertness, and less potential side effects for mom and baby. When taking pain medications such as those found in an Epidural, which alters sensation to the lower half of a body, a woman can also risk making the birthing process longer by not being able to feel her contractions and therefore not knowing when to push. Instead of relying on her body, a woman has to rely on a doctor to tell her when to push. In a hospital setting, the longer labor time frequently results in a woman being given Pitocin to increase the contractions. Because of how the drug works in the body, contraction duration is longer and the contractions themselves are stronger, resulting in less oxygen going to the baby. Without the use of drugs during labor, recovery time for a mother is much shorter and she is able to get up, hold her baby, and shower shortly after delivery. Every person and every birth is different, and some women may find that an OBGYN assisted birth is best for them, but many women who have experienced a natural childbirth have found the experience empowering.

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